It doesn't matter much

It doesn't matter much
Nothing does
Our time is nothing
to the vast heavens
Yet it is in the vastness
we find ourselves
Is that the way?
I tried telling it all this
with feigned indifference
The bridge far away
just stared at me
and the grey sky
heaved a great sigh

All sages are dead
Buried under a mound
of ancient wisdom
We tried it all
Once, we managed
to dig up a dead cat
Once, we managed
to find a quilted pouch
filled with amaranth
It doesn't matter much
We stopped digging
It cost us too much
Nearly everything
Only my shadow remains
It is said
that it tends a garden there

You know
I tried following them once
They leave in September
They always do
The swifts, that is
Africa, some said
Beyond the deserts, others said
I laughed
just to blend in
I cried
but few took notice
We kept ascending
I have no memories of
where we landed
if we landed
It doesn't matter much