punkism - the ideology (-ism) of punk

  1. Beginner's Mind
  2. Tao
  3. The operating system Plan 9 from Bell Labs
  4. The Breadpunk movement
  7. Cyberdecks
  8. The power of the Tarot
  9. How to maintain a bicycle
  10. The difference between consumerism and materialism
  11. The unfolding reality of pissed off Tsukumogami
  12. The physics of lever espresso machines
  13. That sustainable economic growth is an oxymoron
  14. Complex systems and the problem of reductionism
  15. That direction is everything
  16. That practice is enlightenment
  17. Thoreau's alternative economics
  18. Eisenstein's alternative economics
  19. Most philosophies aim at refining the art of living
  20. There is no box
  21. The art of fermentation
  22. The Four Noble Truths
  23. The Noble Eightfold Path
  24. Cooking with fire
  25. Cooking with sunlight
  26. Deep work
  27. Voluntary simplicity
  28. The sublime
  29. Solarpunk
  30. Permaculture and regenerative agriculture
  31. Permacomputing
  32. Unbelieveable Bulgarians from 1998
  33. The story of the galgo
  34. Rose, rose, thorn, bud
  35. The smell of palo santo
  36. The relative neuronal density of ravens
  37. Why specialty coffee matters
  38. The potential determinism of obesity
  39. Free jazz
  40. The pacing of The Magic Mountain
  41. The sound of swifts playing in summer
  42. Sumi-e
  43. How to plan a wedding dinner
  44. The Dark Mountain Manifesto
  45. The silhouette of different birds of prey
  46. Lean Logic
  47. Tools for Conviviality
  48. The rush after a cold swim
  49. The writings of Dogen Zenji
  50. Slow TV
  51. Cassette tape loops
  52. The underlying stories of the world
  53. The importance of etymology
  54. Principles of good design
  55. Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems
  56. GEB:EGB
  57. Wendell Berry
  58. Think global and act local
  59. Non-doing and inactivism
  60. Why the elves had to leave Middle Earth
  61. Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis
  62. Why Atlantis sank
  63. Situationism beats dispositionism
  64. The beautifully irrational nature of morals and ethics
  65. Meta-optimisation
  66. How to smile at someone who will never smile back
  67. How to handle a scared dog
  68. The feeling of talking after a ten day silent retreat
  69. There are no detours or shortcuts to the future
  70. Buddhist economics
  71. The Part About The Crimes in Roberto Bolaño's 2666
  72. The staccato voice of Jorge Luis Borges
  73. The stoics
  74. Kafka's three novels
  75. The origin of the haiku
  76. That Isaac Newton was an alchemist
  77. Andrei Tarkovsky
  78. The difference between food and diet
  79. Moon in a dewdrop, earth in a teardrop
  80. Japanoise
  81. Martinus' cosmology
  82. Hilma af Klint
  83. How to forage for wild berries and mushrooms
  84. How to only leave ashes
  85. The seven hermetic principles
  86. Fika
  87. The Indonesian gamelan
  88. Why you should write poetry
  89. How far a train can take you in Europe
  90. How the foundations of languages shape thoughts
  91. The value of a perfectly timed nap
  92. The taste of a midnight meal after a marathon
  93. Shaker-style furniture
  94. The art of Pierre Soulages
  95. The difference between a cruise and a voyage
  96. How important Glenn Branca has been for rock music
  97. Tove Jansson's Moomins
  98. Build it solar
  99. Simplifier
  100. Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language
  101. How to welcome new neighbours
  102. The life-changing intervention of putting your dental floss in the shower
  103. How to cook for yourself
  104. How to cook for others
  105. How to concentrate
  106. Why experiential wisdom is all that really matters
  107. The most dangerous tyrannies
  108. How Talk Talk's last two albums were recorded
  109. Listening to Brian Eno's Thursday Afternoon on a thursday afternoon
  110. The existence of The Anarchist Library
  111. That new year's resolutions suck
  112. The Pomodoro technique
  113. Rousseau vs. Hobbes
  114. That rules are moral training wheels
  115. Swans
  116. Sprouted legumes are better than cooked
  117. How to tie a bowline
  118. The Charles H. Hayward collection
  119. What can only be found by those who have gotten lost
  120. Koyaanisqatsi
  121. Typewriters
  122. Minimal computing
  123. Für Alina by Arvo Pärt
  124. We won't get there
  125. The value of a family recipe
  126. How to grow your own food
  127. Karmic complexity
  128. Internet in a Box
  129. The computer is a bicycle for the mind
  130. We are different
  131. Sweden is a morally problematic nation
  132. We are privileged
  133. We shouldn't be relying on the quantifiable
  134. Post-civilisation and war
  135. The story of the three bricklayers
  136. Analogue film photography
  137. Zenarchy
  138. Assume all paid athletes are on PEDs (yes, Usain Bolt too)
  139. Penny Rimbaud
  140. Anarchy is not the absence of rules, it is the absence of rulers
  141. The closer you think you are the further away you've strayed
  142. Werner's Nomenclature of Colours
  143. That dropping out is diving in
  144. Self-sufficiency can never be an individualistic endeavour
  145. It’s not radical to try and save the last 5% of forests, what’s radical is logging 95%
  146. The list of music for punkists
  147. Settled work
  148. Finite and Infinite Games
  149. Marginalia Search
  150. The animal kill counter
  151. No moon, no finger -- nothing there at all
  152. Nannberga
  153. Russell Stutler's Book About Sketching
  154. Reality tunnels
  155. Do not add FIRE to the flames
  156. How to Be a Poet
  157. If you must read news, read slower news
  158. Doughnut Economics
  159. The importance of personal durable systems
  160. The world is so much more than you think
  161. We are all poets in the epic poem of being-time
  162. How to make noise
  163. The Society of the Spectacle
  164. Cutting edge computer research
  165. There is so much unnecessary cruelty in the world - and also so much unnecessary beauty
  166. Silence
  167. Pauline Oliveros' Sonic Meditations
  168. Simplicity lies on both sides of complexity
  169. Craftsmanship
  170. The broader use of the long-term nuclear waste warning messages
  171. Writing shit about new snow for the rich is not art
  172. The feeling of life in ancient forgotten places
  173. Identity politics is modern civilisation's great distraction
  174. The quiet stories whispered by wall lizards in the cracks behind the twisting wisterias
  175. Konnakol
  176. Every wise saying has an opposite
  177. Never primarily optimise for the approval of others
  178. Sans Soleil
  179. Bull of Heaven
  180. How to be a lebenskünstler
  181. Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis
  182. The map is not the territory
  183. Maps change our territory
  184. How to be a guerrilla artist
  185. Start Often, Fuck Achievements
  186. In this very moment there are people in airplanes heading to conferences to talk about the climate emergency
  187. The Art of Frugal Hedonism
  188. Diogenes
  189. The Atlas of Places
  190. Les Cités Obscures
  191. Nothing special
  192. UbuWeb
  193. Maitreya will be all of us
  194. Projekt Runeberg
  195. This list doesn't matter much

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